F# - Introduction

Just a few days ago, 27th of February, I gave a presentation introducing F#, and like a few years ago this was held at realraum. In case you are interested, view the slides.

Although the announcement mentioned “one hour” and “teaser on the F# highlights”, I totally screwed up those parts and it took nearly 2.5 hours, and only talked about the basics of the basics. I talked about the

Type providers only existed as a teaser, and many other things where not covered at all. I don’t know what took me so long. At least, the mood of the participants seemed quite OK, and I was told that one liked my enthusiasm. (I hope that was meant as a good thing.)

Now, I have not further edited the slides, as this would probably lead to them never being finished. However, I took some lessons from my part-screw-up:

But after all that complaining: at the end, it did not run worse than expected. It’s an acceptable base level. And also, I got to know remark and highlight.js.